Significant changes to appointment protocol are required to maintain a safe environment and decrease the risk of Covid 19 transmission. If you are intending to seek osteopathic care I ask that you read this page in it’s entirety so you know what to expect and how to prepare.

For returning clients who would like to book in. I encourage you to use the online booking system through this website. You’ll see that I’ve decreased how far in advance you’re able to book appointments to only 45 days. This is important as I need to monitor and maintain flexibility to make changes as needed.

Risk Assessment

It’s important that you understand that Manual Osteopathic Therapy involves touch and close contact, therefore physical distancing is not possible during the course of an appointment. The enhanced clinic health and safety protocols can decrease the risk of Covid 19 transmission but cannot eliminate it.

Individuals who have diabetes, are undergoing cancer treatment, have cardiovascular disease, are immune compromised, or have other health conditions are at an increased risk for complications if Covid 19 is contracted.
If you are in this category, or have contact with someone who is, it is important that you weigh the risk vs. benefit of receiving osteopathic care at this time. If you are at a higher risk for complications and are seeking osteopathy I suggest you book the first appointment of the day.

Your Responsibilities

If you choose to seek osteopathic care at this time you will be required to engage in the following:


  • Complete a covid pre-screening ¬†and consent form 24 hours prior to your appointment¬†
  • On the day of and prior to your scheduled appointment agree to complete the Government of Saskatchewan Covid-19 Self-Assessment . If you are feeling unwell and/or exhibiting any symptoms that could possibly be related to Covid 19 you agree to cancel your appointment alerting the clinic as soon as possible. (the cancellation fee will be waived).
    Osteopathy will not be provided to anyone who presents ill at their appointment.
  • Agree to be punctual for your appointment and not enter the clinic upon arrival but text Michelle at 306-292-7240 alerting me of your arrival. Agree to await a return message welcoming you to enter.
  • Arrive dressed appropriately for your appointment. Please wear soft, thin, loose clothing (gym shorts, loose yoga pant, t-shirt). Please no jeans/dresses/skirts/pantyhose/ sports bras.
  • Agree to arrive in and wear a personal protective mask for the duration of your osteopathic appointment. (Note: this is not required for pediatric appointments, but caregivers/guardians accompanying the child are required to wear a mask).
  • Agree to attend appointments unaccompanied (unless the client is a minor under the age of 18, then one guardian is requested to attend).
  • Agree to bring minimal belongings into the clinic. Please do not bring car seats into the clinic at this time.
  • Provide payment via e-transfer prior to appointment start time. If this is not possible you may provide cash in exact amount. Change will not be provided at this time.
  • Agree to wash your hands immediately upon entering the clinic.
  • Agree to refrain from touching things while in the clinic (including personal items ie: cell phone).
  • Agree to receive your appointment receipt via email only
  • Agree to make a punctual departure. Due to increased demands for disinfecting and ventilating the space between appointments, it is requested that you depart the clinic as quickly as possible.

Clinic Protocols

Personal Hygiene Practices

Your Manual Osteopathic Practitioner will:

  • daily self assess for Covid -19 symptoms & will cancel appointments if exhibiting any covid-19 like symptoms
  • will seek Covid 19 test if symptoms appear and follow all government protocols
  • twice daily temperature tracking
  • wear mask during all clinic hours
  • wear protective glasses or a face shield
  • clean apron for each appointment
  • limit physical contact when possible
  • engage in enhanced hand hygiene practices

Environmental Hygiene Practices

The clinic room, bathroom and waiting room will be disinfected and the space will be ventilated between each appointment.

Time between appointments has been increased to allow for physical distancing, disinfecting, and ventilation.

An air purification system has been installed in the clinic. This system completely filters the air within the clinic space 27 times per hour.


Screening, Informed Consent and Communication

  • A link to client responsibilities will be included in the appointment confirmation emails
  • A pre-screening, informed consent and risk assessment communication will be emailed to you for completion 24 hours prior to each appointment